All-Fix™ (Formalin Substitute) Pre-Filled Pak™

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All-Fix™ (Formalin Substitute) Pre-Filled Pak™

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FX1068 7mL Vials, (All-Fix™) CS/196 (Easy Dispense Tray)
FX1069 20mL Jars, (All-Fix™) CS/256 (8 Boxes of 32 Jars)
FX1070 40mL Jars, (All-Fix™) CS/256 (8 Boxes of 32 Jars)
FX1071 60mL Jars, (All-Fix™) CS/256 (8 Boxes of 32 Jars)
FX1072 90mL Jars, (All-Fix™) CS/192 (8 Boxes of 24 Jars)

Availability: In stock


All Fix™ is a general purpose fixative formulated as a substitute for 10% Neutral Buffered Formalin that contains no Formaldehyde/Formalin. All Fix™ is recommended for fixation of all types of tissues, including biopsies, and is particularly good for fixing fatty and dense tissue.

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