Cervical Brushes And Scrapers

The Cervex-Brush® ORIGINAL is an endocervical cell collection device for simultaneously collecting cervical and endocervical cells by the clinician during a pap smear. Ideal for use in collecting OBGYN specimens for liquid base cytology procedures. The Cervex-Brush® Combi is a new patented, high tech product capable of delivering higher cellular yield of endocervical cells than the traditional Cervex-Brush®. Laboratory tests have also indicated presence of oncogenic HPV type cells which will encourage other applications for the Cervex-Brush® Combi.

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Snap-Tip Cervical Brush
The Snap-Tip cervical brush has been produced to work with today's liquid-based cytology systems. The snap-tip top portion is removable from the rest of the stem and has an arrow indicator printed at snap location for easy tip removal. This portion can be dropped into a preparation jar for transport.

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Wallach Papette®
Wallach's Papette Cervical Cell Collector may be used with conventional or fluid-based pap smear technology. In one simple step, Papette can gather the full spectrum of cervical cells, including the transformation zone eliminating the two step brush and spatula combination

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