Large Processing Cassette

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Large Processing Cassette

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Sku Code Product Name Qty
LPC1000 White, CS/100
LPC1001 Gray, CS/100
LPC1002 Blue, CS/100
LPC1003 Green, CS/100
LPC1004 Pink, CS/100
LPC1005 Yellow, CS/100
LPC1006 Orange, CS/100
LPC1007 Lavender, CS/100
LPC1008 Peach, CS/100
LPC1009 Aqua, CS/100
LPC1010 Tan, CS/100
LPC1011 Brown, CS/100
LPC1012 Dark Blue, CS/100
LPC1013 Dark Green, CS/100
LPC1014 Red, CS/100

Availability: In stock


Large Research Processing Cassette for sectioning large specimens. CS/100. 14 colors.
Disposable plastic base mold for LPC1000-LPC1014 is specially molded to work with rotary microtomes. Stainless version available.