CoverSeal™-T and CoverSeal™-X Mounting Medium

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CoverSeal™-T and CoverSeal™-X Mounting Medium
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FX2177 CoverSeal™-T (Toluene) 4 oz dripper bottle
FX2177-CS CoverSeal™-T (Toluene) 4 oz dripper bottle, CS/12
FX2178 CoverSeal™-T (Toluene) 500 mL Bottle
FX2175 CoverSeal™-X (Xylene) 4 oz Dripper Bottle
FX2175-CS CoverSeal™-X (Xylene) 4 oz Dripper Bottle, CS/12
FX2176 CoverSeal™-X (Xylene) 500 mL Bottle

Availability: In stock


CoverSeal™-T and CoverSeal™-X are rapid drying mounting mediums with low viscosity to allow free-flow of medium while reducing air bubbles.
Antioxidants are added to prevent stain fading and annual rings.
CoverSeal™-T is a toluene based medium, while CoverSeal™-X is a xylene based mounting medium. Both are soluble in Xylene, Toluene and most xylene substitutes.
Availalble in 500 ML glass bottles and 4 oz. Squeezer bottles with self-cleaning dispenser tops.