Chemical Monitoring, Exposure Reduction & Containment

Monitor your air quality and breath easy! Badges include report. 1. Take badge out of foil seal zip lock pouch and clip on collar/lapel/shirt. 2. Wear for 15 minutes or 8 hours (short term or long term exposure) 3. Send to CDI's independent lab in pre-addressed envelopes and receive a report within 48 hours. 4. Breathe easy! OSHA and NIOSH validated testing methods. Accurate results accepted in any situation or governing body. Click the "Flyer" button below to see an example report!

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Easy Pour Spout for Gallon Containers
Easy Pour Spout for Gallon Containers. Makes pouring Liquids Easy, Reduces Spill and Splatter. Designed to fit 1 Gallon containers.

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