DehCL®, Original Decalcifier

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DehCL®, Original Decalcifier

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DC400 DehCL®, 1000ML (LITER), CS/4
DC038 DehCL®, GALLON (3.8L)
DC100 DehCL®, 1000ML (LITER)
DC438 DehCL®, GALLON (3.8L), CS/4
DC025 DehCL®, GALLON CUBE (3.8L)

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DehCL® is a mild decalcifier formulated from semiconductor grade hydrochloric acid, EDTA, and highly purified reagent grade water. DehCL® can be used to safely decalcify all types of calcified specimens and is gentle enough that most specimens can be left in DehCL® overnight without worry of over-decalcification.