Optimization for cellular integrity. Choose from CDI's full line of Fixatives.
Davidson's Fixative
Davidson's fixative is a rapid fixative which gives good nuclear detail with minimal formalin pigment. Fixation of small specimens is rapid. Davidson's may be used for overnight fixation of fatty lymph nodes and is particularly useful for preparing tumors, bone marrow specimens, gynecologic, and fatty breast biopsies

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Lipo-Fix™ Alcoholic, (Rapid Fixative)
Formulated to fix and dehydrate simultaneously. Excellent for bowel and breast specimens. In gross room, place larger specimens arriving in routine fixative into Lipo-Fix™ to enhance processing. Additionally, Lipo-Fix™ can be used on second or third stations of the processor as a secondary fixative.

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Pre-Freeze™ (Fresh Tissue Transport Medium For Frozen Sectioning)
A fixative formulated for preservation of fresh tissue that is to be submitted for Frozen Sectioning. Perfect for transporting tissue to lab for preserving cellular structure. Also available pre-filled.

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10% Alcoholic Formalin
10% Alcoholic Formalin is designed to rapidly fix tissues that are hard to fix, such as fatty tissues, breast and colon.

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10% Alcoholic Zinc Formalin
10% Alcoholic Zinc Formalin is buffered to a neutral pH, and is formulated for rapid fixation of tissue, especially those with abundant fat present.

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10% Neutral Buffered Formalin (Working Solution and Concentrate)
10% Neutral Buffered Formalin formulated for consistency and buffered to a neutral pH. A general purpose fixative for all tissues types

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10% Zinc Formalin
10% Zinc Formalin is an excellent routine fixative, and preserves the immunoreativity of tissue antigens better than 10% NBF

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Reagent ACS CAS# 67-64-1. Gallon, 5 Gallon.

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All-Fix™ Formalin Substitute

All Fix™ is a general purpose fixative formulated as a substitute for 10% Neutral Buffered Formalin that contains no Formaldehyde/Formalin. All Fix™ is recommended for fixation of all types of tissues, including biopsies, and is particularly good for fixing fatty and dense tissue.

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B5-Sub™ Mercury-Free Fixative
B5-Sub™ was formulated as a replacement for mercury based B5 fixative and achieves superior results using environmentally safe products. B5-Sub™ meets or exceeds the Mercury based B5 standard

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