Cassette and Slide Storage, Mailers

Slide and Cassette Storage Files
CDI's storage files for tissue blocks and microscope slides are engineered to be durable and functional. CDI's interior patent pending drawer wings can be pulled out to hold slides and blocks in place when the drawers are not yet full. This feature prevents the user from having to use sponges or paper towel to hold the slides or blocks in place. File boxes are sold preassembled in cases (five high) or unassembled. An outer shell acts as a stabilizer in keeping units stacked together. If desired, file boxes may also be used individually with out being stacked. The dimensions are 4 x 12 x 11-1/2. Designed to economically hold 2,000 slides or 500 tissue blocks. Flat version assembly instructions; "Instructions For Use" link, below

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