Gill's, Harris, Mayer's, Eosin Y

Eosin Y w/Phloxine B
Eosin Y is an alcohol-based, ready-to-use secondary stain used primarily in histology for routine hematoxylin and eosin staining. CDI's Eosin Y is filtered prior to bottling and is formulated for consistency. Eosin Y w/Phloxine B produces a brighter counter stain. Scotts Tap Water substitute is a bluing reagent designed mainly for histology. It blues hematoxylin gently and minimizes loss of tissue sections and cells from glass slides. Scott's Tap Water Substitute is prepared to supply a gentle but appropriate bluing solution for staining. This formulation provides rapid and precise bluing of nuclear chromatin and nuclear membranes.

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Hematoxylin, Harris, Gill, Mayers
All stains are filtered prior to bottling and use a special process to ensure optimal freshness. Mercury Free Harris Hematoxylin produces a deep, dark blue-purple stain. It is generally used in regressive methods, but may also be used progressively both in histology and cytology preparations. Gill 1,2,3 generally used in the progressive method. Mayer's Hematoxylin used for routine H&E and immunochemstry.

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