Acid Alcohol, 0.5%, 500mL

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Acid Alcohol, 0.5%, 500mL

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SS1000-MT-250 AFB Stain Kit, Modified Truant’s Fluorescent
SSC1035-500 Acid Alcohol, 0.5%
SSC1035-250 Acid Alcohol, 0.5%
SS1000-MT-500 AFB Stain Kit, Modified Truant’s Fluorescent

Availability: In stock


This Modified Truant's AFB Stain Kit detects acid fast bacteria utilizing fluorescent microscopy. Black backround with contrasting yellow to orange Acid Fast organisms.
Kit Consists of: Auramine O-Rhodamine B Stain (1), Acid Alcohol, 0.5% (1), Erochrome Black T Stain (1)
All kit components are available for purchase separately.