Carbol Fuchsin, Kinyoun's, 500mL

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Carbol Fuchsin, Kinyoun's, 500mL

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SS1000-KY-250 AFB Stain Kit, Kinyoun
SSC1054-500 Carbol Fuchsin, Kinyoun’s, 500ML
SSC1054-250 Carbol Fuchsin, Kinyoun’s, 250ML
SS1000-KY-500 AFB Stain Kit, Kinyoun

Availability: In stock


This AFB Kit is based on the Kinyoun modification. Acid Fast Bacteria appear bright red against a light blue background.
Kit Consists of: Carbol Fuchsin, Kinyoun's (1), Acid Alcohol 1% (1) and Methylene Stock Solution (1).
All kit components are available for purchase separately. Carbol Fuchsin is show below, Acid Alcohol and Methylene Stock Solution can be found here