Alcian Blue/PAS Stain Kit

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Alcian Blue/PAS Stain Kit

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SS1002-VO Alcian Blue PAS Stain Kit
SS1002-500 Alcian Blue/PAS Stain Kit
SS1002-250 Alcian Blue/PAS Stain Kit

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CDI's Alcian Blue/PAS Stain kit identifies and differentiates neutral and aceitic mucosubstances. Neutral polysaccharides show magenta to pink neutral polysaccharides and acid mucosubstances appear blue.
Controls: Colon
250mL, 500mL, and Volume Optimized Kits (-VO) -VO kits may differ slightly in formulations and offer optimal volumes of each component.

Kit Consists of: Alcian Blue pH 2.5, (1), Acetic Acid 3% (1), 1% Periodic Acid 0.5% (1), Shiff Reagent (1) and Pureview Mayers Hematoxylin (1)
-VO (Volume Optimized kit consists of Alcian Blue Solution, pH 2.5 250mL, Periodic Acid Solution 250mL, Schiff's Solution, 250mL, Sulfuric Acid Solution (1N), 250mL
All kit components are available for purchase individually.