Colloidal Iron Stain Kit, Müller-Mowry

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Colloidal Iron Stain Kit, Müller-Mowry

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Sku Code Product Name Qty
SS1006-MM-500 Colloidal Iron Stain Kit, Müller-Mowry
SSC1034-250 Acetic Acid, 40%
SSC1084-500 Hydrochloric Acid, 2%, 500ML
SS1006-MM-250 Colloidal Iron Stain Kit, Müller-Mowry
SSC1032-500 Acetic Acid Solution (12%), 500ML
SSC1084-250 Hydrochloric Acid, 2%, 250ML
SSC1108-500 Potassium Ferrocyanide, 2%, 500ML
SS1006-VO Colloidal Iron Stain Kit, Modified Muller-Mowry
SSC1032-250 Acetic Acid, 12%
SSC1034-500 Acetic Acid, 40%
SSC1108-250 Potassium Ferrocyanide, 2%, 250ML

Availability: In stock


The Colloidal Iron Stain Kit demonstrates acid mucopolysaccharides. It is suitable for any well fixed paraffin embedded tissue cut at 5 microns.
Controls: Liver
Kit Consists of:
All kit components are available for purchase individually.

Volume Optimized Kits (-VO) kits may differ slightly in formulations from 250 & 500mL kits and offer optimal volumes of each component.
250 & 500mL kits consists of: Acetic Acid, 12%, Colloidal Iron Stock Solution, Acetic Acid, 40%, Potassium Ferrocyanide, 2%, Hydrochloric Acid, 2%, Nuclear Fast Red (250 or 500mL bottles)

-VO Kits contain: Acetic Acid Solution 12% (500mL), Hydrochloric Acid Solution (1N), 125mL, Potassium Ferrocyanide Solution 3%, 125mL, Colloidal Iron Stock Solution, 125mL, Van Gieson's Solution, 125mL

Controls: Liver